Coolie No. 1

Comedy / Drama


PRODUCER: Vashu Bhagnani

DIRECTOR: David Dhawan

CAST & CREW: Govinda, Karisma Kapoor, Kader Khan


The First time the Trinity of Vashu Bhagnani, David Dhavan And Govinda
Scored A Hit.
This Mad Cap Caper had Kader Khan as a greedy man who will only wants a
rich son-in-law.
Govinda as the coolie who pretends to be a wealthy businessman and lovely
Karisma Kapoor who marries Govinda thinking him to be a rich guy and then
discovering he is nothing but a Coolie.
The Film was a laugh riot from beginning to end.
It had Spontaneous Performances.
It was Directed by David Dhawan.
Anand Millnd’s Hit Music made Coolle No.1 A Super Success.